Our Coverage

We cover startups in insurtech, payments, alternative lending, capital markets and DLT. Our articles highlight company technology, people, competition, fundraising and history. Our journalists get information directly from executives, sources and industry professionals.

Our Focus

Fintech Horizons journalists are not beholden to the traditional news cycle. Our reporters ask questions that are forward-looking and that focus on company strategy. Each of our articles is written by a seasoned business journalist and is designed for busy professional and focuses on a company’s short-term and long-term strategic plans.

Our Reports

Each story is categorized by type of opportunity and timing and included in relevant reports. If an executive indicates an interest in partnerships, then the article is included in our Partnership report. If a payments executive indicates his or her company could look to make a large acquisition by Q4 2020 then the article is included in our Q420 report, our Payments report and our M&A report. If an Insurtech executive indicates that his/her company is looking to raise $20m to $30m in capital in Q121 then that article would be included in our Insurtech report, in our Q121 report and our $20m to $50m capital raise report.

Source more leads

Our reports make it easy to scout for opportunities because they aggregate all of our intel for that topic, geography or time period. They allow you to review multiple opportunities at once, giving you the freedom to focus only on those opportunities that are the best fit for you and your firm.

Get the specifics

Our competitors rely heavily on sentiment analysis, which can give insights into trends but can’t substitute for details about a company’s concrete plans. Our reporters talk to as many industry sources and executives as possible and uncover information not available elsewhere.

Become your best

Our reports are not prepackaged around a conclusion. They are clearly sourced and make it easy to contact the featured executive or executives. Our content does not push a particular theory or viewpoint, but are designed to give readers the primary source material needed to draw their own conclusions.