Bitt is a Caribbean digital asset exchange that utilizes blockchain and distributed ledger technology to facilitate secure peer-to-peer transactions with seamless mobile money across a suite of Bitt's Software and Mobile Applications.

Gabriel Abed, Oliver Gale
former CEO

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Company Overview of Bitt Inc.

Bitt Inc. provides a way to trade legal tender (the U.S. dollars and Euros) for digital assets (bitcoin and ether) and vice versa, as well as to trade one type of digital asset for another type of digital asset. It allows clients to purchase and sell digital assets directly from and to us; provides clients with a platform that matches their trades with open orders from other users of its services; offers digital currency conversion services; enables merchants to accept digital payments; and operates as a custodian of bitcoins or other digital currencies transferred to a Bitt Wallet. The company also offers a Mobile Wallet that empowers users to send and receive money globally from their mobile devices or PCs; and send payments for goods or services locally over the Internet or directly to friends and family. Bitt Inc. was founded in 2013 and is based in Hastings, Barbados.

November 16 2018

Insurer and Fintech Company Bitt in New Cooperation Deal

Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) has joined forces with financial technology firm Bitt to leverage blockchain technology aimed at making the nation’s largest insurer more efficient and customer-friendly. It is only about the customers for us. If blockchain can be made to help us with our customer due diligence, our onboarding process, the process of paying us [and] maybe ultimately the process of pushing product to customers . This is about using technology and a level of expertise that we don’t necessarily have in the insurance industry right now, and ICBL wants to be right out in the front of that. The mission at the end of the day is to make it easier to do business with us.

September 27 2018
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Medici Ventures


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Launched in 2014, Medici Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of, Inc., created to manage and oversee the company’s investments in firms building solutions leveraging and servicing blockchain technologies. Medici Ventures has a growing portfolio of groundbreaking new companies and tech businesses. Named for the Medici Bank of Florence - a pioneer of the double entry bookkeeping that revolutionized money and banking in the Renaissance - Medici Ventures seeks to encourage the adoption of distributed ledgers, and in so doing, precipitate a rebirth of efficiency, security and transparency in financial technology.

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